Letter To ‘Bob Godshall’, (my Mom wrote)

My mom wrote our State Representative Bob Godshall about me and my story, so he posted an entire  newsletter about Lyme Disease on his website and emails that he sends out to the community.  Isn’t she a GREAT MOM?? This is the letter she wrote..
Website that he talked about Lyme: www.BobGodshall.com

Dear Mr. Godshall:  I wanted to thank you for bringing Lyme to the attention of our community.  My daughter was bitten quite a few years ago, unknowingly, and unfortunately was left untreated for a very long time.  She had a Grand Mal Seizure, heart problems, headaches, joint pain, dizziness etc.  None of the Doctors that we saw put these symptoms together as being caused by Lyme.  After about the 10th Doctor from the University of Penn, we finally got the help she needed.  He referred her to a Doctor in New Jersey, who she continues to see.  Sadly, she is considered stage three and most likely will never recover fully.  We are hopeful for a remission.

As a family, we stay strong by fighting for stronger health care coverage, as the CDC does not acknowledge chronic Lyme.  Politically, we are not represented the way that we should be either and we have become active in NJ as this has become a hotbed of controversy.  She is now using a cane at the age of 31 and she and her husband had to move from Hatfield to Harleysville to live with us as she can no longer care for herself.  This disease has hurt us emotionally and financially.  We struggle everyday.
You may be interested to know that there are a lot of personal stories represented on www.youtube.com/.  They are very heartbreaking and emotional as you watch young children in wheelchairs and parents losing their homes.  However, to hear it from a personal prospective opens us up for awareness. 
Please continue to make the public aware of this devastating disease.   Thanks again for taking time to remind them to be careful as they spend more time out of doors.
Roxanne Marchese
Mom & I

 If you click on his site you’ll see ‘Lyme Facts Sheet’ on the left side of the page, it gives out some great information on Lyme:-)


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  1. You both are so beautiful, inside and out!

    ….and yes i would have to agree she is a WONDERFUL mommy!

    (((hugs))) to you both*

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