Still waiting for this Pic-Line! Uggh!

Seriously, it is so frustrating that we pay our taxes and bills for proper healthcare and when it comes to simple things we need in those times of illness it is a complete waiting game. Wasting time sitting on hold with companies that want nothing to do with you in the first place. My doctors office has amazing people working there, don’t get me wrong but they need a bigger office and more staff just to give each and every patient the help they need. They all fight for us, sitting on the phone all day to get us ‘Coverage’, its stressful for them as well. I see it everyday on their faces, their just as frustrated as we are. Who has time to sit on the phone, put on hold for who knows how long until you speak to an actual person. I do realize too that, every insurance company for each patient is different, some people get the pic-line quicker due to their specific plan. My Husband and I just switched insurances after he got his new job a couple months ago. As of now I’m having a harder time getting approval, sometimes I wonder if we would of been better off with our old one. Positive is he receives benefits from his company now, didn’t have that before so were not paying out the for Helath Insurance. I guess you never know…

 I’ve been on my Hep-Lock since end of April. Wouldn’t be a big deal but with a pic-line my Mom needs to drive with me ( can’t drive as of now, too much pain) every Tuesday. If I had the pic-line I was told by the nurses that I could have a nurse come out every week to clean it instead of running to NJ each week. Apparently they do this with other patients from all over as well. You wouldn’t believe how far some people travel. I’ve met people from Georgia, Texas, Idaho, Just to see my doctor! I  guess I should stop bitching, it could be worse…its just sucks with this hep-lock..every time I have to get this Hep-Lock out and switched to my other arm. I’ve developed such bruises, rashes, and soreness in my muscles just from having it in for a week. Usually by Sunday’s its so swollen and I get stabbing pains in the IV part.

  When getting a pic-line approved for LYME it is extremely difficult, especially for people with chronic Lyme. Anytime asks for a pic-line from a infectious disease doctor for a patient with Lyme they give you the runaround and try to discourage you doctor. My doctor, she’s got what it takes to deal with them. She doesn’t put up with the BS and fights for us. That’s why I love her, she’s the best;-) Her daughter and son have both had Lyme. Son is well, Daughter was in Remission for some time, unfortunately sick again. You can understand why Lyme has become her life and passion. The NJ medical boards have tried to shut her down at one time, she won though, twice! She’s a fighter!

  Apparently my pic-line and home care is in ‘process’. Yeah..I know what that means another two months till these companies decide that I’m sick enough to get this thing.   Its so sad to see so many people like me suffering for treatment , traveling from all over to get proper care and then to have to deal with more road blocks such as this. For Lyme Patiens all over our Health Care Companies, and the Medical Boards going after GOOD DOCTORSare  deciding what the treatment should be for lyme. The CDC and IDSA needs to be updated with accurate research and data The testing out there is NOT RELIABLE ANYMORE, thats why there ae so many people now with Chronic Lyme!! Doesn’t it show that for itself that so many people are becoming sick with Lyme and the treatment works, it speaks for itself!!

Well I’ve complained enough for one day, lol. Time for bed, goodnight♥



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