Better Days to Come

Well, I haven’t posted anything for a while. I had a rough week or so since I last updated you all.  My Herxing was out of control, then I started up with major nausea and stomach pain. I think I drank a ton of Aloe in those few days of pain for the I was given a prescription which I wasn’t thrilled about since I try to do as much as I can alternative.  My doctor said a week ago that all of this herxing is a good sign and that even if I’m getting an hr out of my day out of my bed and talking or trying to walk around is a good sign. She said we will not need to higher my IV meds, which I’m very happy about! She wants to keep an eye on my stomach pain though, she’s also ran blood work this past Tuesday because I’m showing signs of being Anemic, which is something I’ve always struggled with my LYME. Good news is she thinks it may be only a couple more weeks until my pic-line is approved, YEAH!

MY BEST DAY YET…This past Sunday, Fathers Day, was the first day I can say so far since treatment that I had a good 5 hrs of being for the most part pain-free and speaking more than a couple sentences without feeling like no one could understand. My family jokes about that..if I’m not making sense they say Alison…just STOP..and we all laugh, cause litterly I’m talking like I’m drunk. Anyway,  I was so excited that by 2pm I took a shower, got dressed, and even put makeup on (oh my!) I haven’t done that in awhile..its amazing how good you feel ladies just by doing that! My hubby was pretty happy too, he said he hasn’t seen my legs in while, hence I’ve been trutt’n around the house lately in sweats or my PJ’s looking like a housewife gone wrong. Now most of you who know me, know I wouldn’t even go out of the house or be seen without makeup, even at places like Wal-Mart, yes I’m a princess which is why I do skincare and makeup in my company. Unfortunately, these days I haven’t much cared. Sunday was different..I hadn’t done anything what you would call remotely normal in weeks.  We went to visit my In-laws Al and Kitty for Father’s Day. Kitty has been recovering from a multitude of surgeries and a 21 day hospital stay in the ICU. Yes, we’ve had a rough month of illness in my family, talk about stress. In fact a couple rough months for my Dad as well, he’s had two eye surgeries for a detached retina and one more still coming up soon.

Kitty is doing well and it was so nice to see her and Al, we spent about an hr there enjoyed some family time and played with her cats Danny and Cinders. We also went to the store to get me a new cell phone. I was so excited, mine has not been looking too shabby lately. Unfortunately we couldn’t buy one that day still working out some kinks with transferring my account with my hubby’s. Then the Hubby had his late-afternoon munchies so we stopped at ‘Panara Bread’, they have amazing food there!  I asked him if to order me a  fruit smoothie, yum!  They have the best there! I highly advise getting one sometime, their all natural, nothing added like sugars or juice, since that’s what my diet consists of. As we left I’m litterly skipping to my car with my drink in my hand..yeah.. skipping like a  little school girl. Nooo cane TODAY!! Lol..I got in the car and I said to my Husband..‘Wow I really miss days like this, ya know just simple ones..running errands spending time with you, laughing at your jokes (or rolling my eyes at his jokes).’  I told him it felt like my BIRTHDAY, he just laughed and said ‘Really.. days with me driving you crazy, you miss this?? He said, you sure your feeling ok today?? He said ..we better go home, lol.’  Normally my husband has gotten to the point where he makes his routine jokes and remarks and I pretend to laugh, I call him my ‘Will Farrow’, except that he needs new material. That day I laughed a lot, and it felt good!

Unfortunetly, on the way home in the car I felt the fatigue and joint pain settle in and my head felt like a had a water balloon inside, however no ways of popping it though..aww nuts!  By the time I got home everyone was sitting down to dinner. I retrieved to the couch with my sunglasses on, my heating pad,  and the essentials I needed to take my nap.  I was sad that I had to miss out on Father’s Day Dinner, wish the couple good hrs would of lasted longer with my Dad and family that night, but I can’t complain it was a good day and I knew my Dad understood.  My mom came over and hugged me before I finally passed out with that look of sadness on her face, and said ‘Were you at least able to have a good time at Kitty and Al’s with Brian?’  ‘ I said yeah, it felt like MY BIRTHDAY today!She and I laughed, then she said ‘Hunny that’s so sad… I told her yeah I know Mom, but there will be more days like this, you just have to have faith.’



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