Lyme Documentary,”Under Our Skin” to be shown in Ambler Area

Hello All– As some of you may or may not know I have recently been trying to become active in our area with Lyme Awareness and have gone to a wonderful support group in Lansdale called ‘Montgomery County (PA) Lyme Information and Support Group’ led by Julia F. Wagner, who herself & children have suffered this devastating and debilitating disease. I have Volunteered to help in what we call our Activist Group, which is now a separate group that Julia is trying to put together more soon… 
**I’m asking anyone who would be willing to possibly post this Flyer at your job, local store, Library, or even your church, pass this on to others as well. Its a flyer on a Wonderful Documentary called ‘UNDER OUR SKIN’ Don’t worry this Movie is slowly being shown all over the US now. If you would like it to be seen in your community just click on the link above.

Please Contact Me At: for the Flyer, I have it in PDF Form, or just click on the link above, and tickets will be available online soon…  


September 14, 2008 – 4pm – The Ambler Theater – Ambler, PA

*If you  possibly can, I highly recommend you see this movie, for the sake of yourself, your children, or anyone you know who has Lyme or you think might be suffering from it as well. It will also help you understand the disease itself if you know anyone else close to you who is suffering.*





Unortunately, I was to be at this showing to help Volunteer  that day, but it looks like I might not make it home in time, since I’ll be coming home from a family vacation that day…but I am going to TRY!! 



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