Educating myself on Lyme & you should too!!

**I will be posting Review on Books on Lyme Disease that I am currently reading in the near future. I apologize, but being that my mind isn’t up to par with reading these days due to treatment it takes me some time to finish a book, so bare with me! Here are ones that I have been reading so far ~THANKS Ali


  • CURE UNKNOWN ‘Inside the Lyme Epidemic’ BY Pamela Weintraub, FOREWORD BY Hillary Johnson
    • Is a senior editor at Discover Magazine.Previously editor in chief of OMNI and consulting editor at Psychology Today, she has convered science and bio-medicine for national media for more than twenty-five years. She lives in Connecticut.  
    • In 1993, Journalist Pamela Wientraub and her Husband thought they were doing themselves and their two sons a favor by escaping from Queens to the sylvan New York suburb of Chappaqua. In time, however, the deer-friendly backyard where her son’s spent lazy afternoons together building forts turned into the author’s personal Love Canal. Tragedy lurked under every fallen leaf. Both her sons eventually contracted tick-borne Lyme Disease, as did she and her husband. Their suffering dragged on for years…

Pamela Weintraub’s book is compelling, clear, and troubling”–PATTI ADCROFT; EDITORIAL DIRECTOR OF DISCOVER MAGAZINE

Millions suffering from symptoms of mysterious disease need suffer confusion and loss no longer. If you want to know the real story behind Lyme disease and how to find your way back to health, read this book. –Mark Hyman, M.D., NEW YORK TIMESBESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ‘ULTRA METABOLISM’



More to come soon…   












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