2nd update on Grandfather

My Grandfather is now out of the Hospital, THANK GOD and on to the rehab facility. They took him by ambulance this past week. The nurses say he’s still to weak to do any physical therapy, they’ve tried getting him out of bed but his blood pressure was very low the other day and he was dehydrated. This is definitely going to be an even longer road for him now since the fall, its so upsetting to all of us since his surgery seemed to have went well, problem is the Doctor has told my Mom that there is always a chance that the surgery will not not work as well as they hope for giving him time… My mom has decided to file a complaint with the Hospital due to the fall, and the lack of sympathy or help from the staff. She said all she really wanted was someone to apologize and for the head of the hospital to personally apologize! Were still thanking God that the fall he had did not land on the side of his face where he had surgery. He still is black and blue around his eye, but the swelling has gone down and he’s healing well, just can not believe it has covered the entire left side of his face! Were a little worried that the tumor is already growing back, he’s been complaining of headaches again his confusion is getting worse. The doctor has talked about Chemo and Radiation to my parents. A decision my Mom has considered, yet at this point she won’t say yes and put him through more. 

Pop Pop told us he feels so lucky to have received so many cards from people and prayers. He feels very lucky to have people like this in his life. I think he is holding up as best as he can. The majority of the time he is sleeping. Were not sure if its due to the surgery, the fall, or the tumor possibly growing back. We feel so bad because he’s so frustrated since he’s been in bed for over 3 weeks now. I know I’d be going out of my mind! Were not sure how much he is aware of his condition and whats happening. He hasn’t asked my Mom many questions, which I think she’s thankful for other than asking her if she has connections to get him out of there. My mom said he told her he wants her to help him make an escape from the hospital they have him at right now, she told him she doesn’t have those kind of connections:-) He laughs…he is definitely homesick and wanting to come home; its always very hard leaving him, he begs us to take him with sometimes. Vi is there to see him every chance she gets, she’s been AMAZING.  He talks non-stop about her to all the nurses, its so cute! The place he is at for physical therapy is near Jenkintown called Moss Rehabilitation Center. We have heard many good things about this place from other people so we feel very good knowing he is in good care. He is now a half-hr closer so that’s great for all of us and him as well. They’re expecting him to be there for at least 5-6 weeks. Going to be a long road but I will keep you updated..

I’m  a bit frustrated because I haven’t been able to see him as much as I’d like over the past week or so..its hard because he’s asked for me:-(  My Dad and Mom told me he constantly asks how I’m feeling to my parents that he’s so worried?! He is just unreal, such a big heart, best Pop Pop ever..it really sickens me that this is happening to him and I keep thinking we’ll all wake up from this bad dream.

Me and my Pop Pop

Me and my Pop Pop


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