My Update as of 11/25/08

Avril Lavigne : Keep Holding On

I saw my lyme doctor on Tuesday…advice for some lyme patients, don’t take a narcotic before entering doctors office! I was so loopy that it was hard to even give a update…LOL. It was so funny.. My mom took over for me on things I had had written down for my doctor, thank god!

She’s very happy with my blood work, liver looks great, Lymeblood work is getting better. She was quite impressed how well I’m doing on my stomach considering how high she’s put me up to (1,250mg of Recephon + Oral meds). I told her its the vitamins!! She’s been handing out my cards to many patients of hers, its been very rewarding to see how many people I am helping out.

If your interested shoot me an email and I’ll let you know what I’m on. They help with so many side effects of Lyme and IV treatment. My website if interested to take a look at is

Her biggest concern after seeing her on Tuesday was how my new drugs for my emotional stability has been and my weight loss. I told her how well I’m doing but that my heart palps and migraines have gotten a bit more intense when I’ve had them from going off of the Cymbalta. That stuff is wicked!! I was on it for five years for everything from my fibromyalgia, too my heart palpitations that I get badly, and to help my migraines and depression. It really helped for the past 4 years but def time to switch. She’s putting me on Paxil..with all the years of being ill I can’t honestly remember if Paxil was one I was put on. We’ll see how I do. Emotionally considering the stress and circumstances in my house lately I’m dong soooo much better since coming off of the Cymbalta. She’s still thinks its 50/50 between my Lyme symptoms (which can cause many psychological symptoms) and the medication. I’ve already spoke to several people and have heard horror stories. I honestly think its a combination of things…21 yrs of illness, my grandfather being sick with cancer, me being sick of not starting my life and marriage, plus the Lyme and meds. Anyone who is human would have a meltdown.

So I have already started the high dose, definitely feeling the herx! which is why I’m up at 6:30am, sitting here with my pain pop. I shouldn’t say it but I Iove these things I get at least a couple hrs of numbness, not that I’m promoting drugs! But, when you need them you need them…lol. Her plan now for me is to get a Cat Scan & MRI of my chest, abdomen, and brain. She’s concerned since all the weight I’ve lost and how weak I’ve become along with my lymph nodes being huge. She’s looking for Lymphoma or anything out of the ordinary. I’m not to worried, its standard procedure with most patients in my condition. Honestly my biggest concern right now is gaining weight, I’m 108 pounds and I’m 5’6..yeah not your average weight for my height. Which a lot of this could be do to the Lyme/Babesia I have. A symptom of many patients, my eczema has gotten out of control again too. On my eyes and face and hands really bad, which obviously all immune. Her plan is to fatten me up with with Protein shakes, healthy ones and I’m thinking of going to the YMCA near my house to just relax in the warm weather for my muscles and pain. My weakness is at the lowest it could be which honestly upsets me the most. I started out last yr at this time at a ‘9’ which now I can barely get past the ‘0’ on the strengh test. It concerns because I’m laying in bed all day, you don’t move your body you get get weak, its just that simple. But, up until now I wasn’t allowed to do the slightest of exercise or PT.

Well I’ll tune back in soon, I just got a web cam so I’ll be using that on here and if anyone would like to get in contact with me on that my name is Lymeaway77 on SKYPE

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Safe Holiday:-)

6 Responses

  1. Ali—-Don’t know how you have the time to do all of this!
    I am amazed—you are AMAZING!
    I heart you, sis!

  2. Ali—-HOW do you do it all?????
    You amaze me….I tried to post just before buy my brain is soft tonight…..
    Love ya’ sister!
    Nancy 🙂

  3. I am sorry to hear you have Lyme.

    I found this linked article helpful, too. It reflects my own experience and I could relate.

    link excerpt:

    Lyme Disease: Hard To Diagnose, Harder To Shake Chameleonlike And Unpredictable, This Ailment Has No Foolproof Test.

    August 20, 1992|By Shaun Stanert, INQUIRER CORRESPONDENt

    About a month after a camping trip in 1989, the Yeager family started suffering from a persistent ailment. Various doctors diagnosed it as anything from milk allergies to stress to multiple sclerosis.

    But, Angela Yeager of Falls Township, suspected Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted through the saliva of infected ticks.

    Yeager took her family to scores of skeptical doctors who rejected her self-diagnosis even though Yeager, her two daughters and her husband all exhibited classic Lyme disease symptoms: stiff necks, joint pain, visual problems, swollen glands and unrelenting, overwhelming fatigue.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I don’t recall ever coming across this article. It is very old but shockingly not completely off the money with current information on Lyme. Found it interesting that they mentioned the possibility of it being passed by mosquitos. I have felt that for a very long time and always wondered myself if I was bit by a mosquito and not a tick and got lyme that way. I used to be covered in mosquitos. I once counted 35 bites on my body!!! This was constant for me as a child. I’m still this way to this day. I can’t be outside without some kind of spray. Thank you so much for sharing and having an interest in my blog take care:)

  4. So great article.Thanks you very much

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