Upcoming MontCoLyme Support Group Meetings

Regarding upcoming MontCoLyme Info and Support Group meetings:
  • April meeting:  We are tentatively planning to schedule a Lyme Literate psychologist to speak at MontCoLyme’s April meeting, 4/26.  This will be confirmed shortly or scheduled for a later meeting. We will also focus on the Senate bill, public hearing and May Lyme Disease Awareness Events.
  • May meeting:  due to the Memorial Holiday, the Senate Bill public hearing and many *Lyme Disease Awareness Month Events* planned in May, our regular meeting will not be held in May.
  • Summer Schedule:
    • June 28th
    • July 26th
    • August 23 (due to Labor Day Holiday)
As always, these meetings will provide information, resources and support to those coping with or considering Lyme as a possible explanation for health issues.  We will have plenty of resources and information available, including DVDs, Videos, books, and articles, pamphlets/brochures, etc., as well as fellow-Lyme patients   We will address questions re: Lyme diagnosis, treatment and related issues.

Source: Julia F. Wagner

Director of Montgomery County (PA) Lyme Information and Support Group and LymeAction PA



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