Long overdo update..June 19, 2010


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  1. I have had severe, disabling, chronic lyme for almost 16 years. I almost died. I have been through every single gammot of retarded Dr. and so called specialist. I have crumpled up threw more than one antidepressant prescription at a Dr.and walked out of there office. I am finally getting better. I have not felt this good in 17 years. I am afraid to tell anyone about my treatments for fear someone will attack my Dr. and put him in jail. He is helping hundreds of patients. I get to talk to many of them, and we all have the same story. How do I get the word out about my Dr. without jepordizing him or my treatments??

    • Its hard because you really don’t want to jepordize their job. I have told people about my doctor and her practice through word of mouth. Its only with people that I know and trust and who have lyme as well. I speak about my treatments with people who are curious, but I do not use their name unless they themselves are interested in seeing my doctor. I’m so sorry for your struggle with Lyme, but am very glad to hear how well you are doing. Its a frustrating cycle with this disease. Especially if you are diagnosed to late and it becomes a chronic thing. I’ve been in and out of remission with this several times and it never seems to get easier, when I’m better I’m always looking over my shoulder waiting for my co-infections and viruses to come back. Good luck to you and thank you for visting my page:)

    • I hear you LK, its hard to do that without jepordizing our brave LLMD’s. Maybe you could just post on here what it is your Dr. does and if anyone is interested have them email you. I would definitely talk to them several times before knowing if it is someone you can truly trust. Maybe ask if they have a facebook page…that is the only ideas I have. I’m sorry I dont have better advice!

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