Thank you to all that attended the June 22 Senate Public Hearing on SB#1199. The hearing had significant impact and got this issue on the table effectively — YOU DID IT! The PA Legislature is on break and returns in September. In the meantime: Senater Greenleaf has followed up with the committee, gotten a positive response, and there are some activities happening over the summer to keep moving this forward. And, in the meantime, Massachussets successfully passed their Lyme bill (doctor’s protection)!! 

There are exactly 3 weeks in Session – 9/20, 9/27 and 10/12 – for this bill to move since this is an election year. There is a chance we’ll get somewhere, but this will require everything to happen very quickly and smoothly — WE NEED YOU TO CONTACT YOUR SENATORS — AND IF YOU HEAR “THERE IS NO BUDGET” – TELL THEM MANY ASPECTS OF THE BILL DO NOT REQUIRE BUDGET, AND THEY CAN PASS IT PENDING FUNDING. Most importantly, we have also been working with

Rep. Merle Phillips who successfully got the House Bill HB#894 through appropriations committee in June, the day after our hearing! The house bill WILL be up for a VOTE immediately in September. This bill has passed 3 times before, only to get passed over to the Senate where it went nowhere. So — this time, if it passes, the Senate committee is in a very different place — they have considered SB#1199 and heard from YOU! CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TO VOTE YES!! We have two shots at this – through the Senate and the House – put the pressure on! If you have not already done so, sign up at http://www.lymeactionpa.com to the mailing list for more updates, and to sign the on-line petition – we want 1,000+! NOT GOING AWAY!

And, if you didn’t get to the hearing, you can see it via video link in full at http://www.lymeactionpa.com or http://www.senatordonwhite.com/ – scroll down to the June 22 hearing link.

Keep up the momentum – keep calling… and send them articles, your stories. They need to know this is NOT GOING AWAY!

Thank you – Julia Wagner, Chair, LymeActionPA, http://www.lymeactionpa.com



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