Chronic Symptoms

Cases may progress to a chronic form most commonly characterized by meningoencephalitis, cardiac inflammation (myocarditis), frank arthritis, and fatigue. Chronic Lyme disease can have a multitude of symptoms affecting numerous physiological systems: the symptoms appear heterogeneous in the affected population, which may be caused by innate immunity or variations in Borrelia bacteria. Late symptoms of Lyme disease can appear months or years after initial infection and often progress in cumulative fashion over time. Neuropsychiatric symptoms often develop much later in the disease progression, much like tertiary neurosyphilis.

In addition to the acute symptoms, chronic Lyme disease can be manifested by a wide-range of neurological disorders, either central or peripheral, including encephalitis or encephalomyelitis, muscle twitching, polyneuropathy or paresthesia, and vestibular symptoms or other otolaryngologic symptoms, among others. Neuropsychiatric disturbances can occur (possibly from a low-level encephalitis), which may lead to symptoms of memory loss, sleep disturbances, or changes in mood or affect. In rare cases, frank psychosis has been attributed to chronic Lyme disease effects, including mis-diagnoses of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Panic attack and anxiety can occur, also delusional behavior, including somatoform delusions, sometimes accompanied by a depersonalization or derealization syndrome similar to what was seen in the past in the prodromal or early stages of general paresis.

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  1. I have been struggling with Lyme for over 10 years now. I was misdiagnosed with MS and treated for over 8 years. I was finally diagnosed correctly at a Fibro&Fatigue center in Pittsburg by Dr. Aldino Pierotti. I am now being treated by Dr. Joseph Jemsek of Fort Mills, SC. I have experienced significant memory loss to the point that I fear I could never return to my job as a research professor or school principal/teacher. Do you know of any thing I might try to enhance or regain my memory. My vocabulary is pitiful. DOES memory improve if the long term antibotics I am taking work. Any info anyone might send my way would be ever so much appreciated. I am really just a country boy living in the mts. of NC whose life has been devastated by a tick. Thank you, Dr. Phillip J. Elliott at

  2. I am wondering if anyone with Lyme has ever been tested for two Parasites called Blastocystis Hominis and Dientamobea Fragilis? I ask because many of the symptoms are the exact same…and that is not to say Lyme doesn’t cause them, but maybe it is a factor into why some people have certain symptoms (especially GI issues, Food Intolerances)….etc…..
    I am wondering if this could be a co-infection ….It is another one of those issues that people are having to fight for since the medical community would rather sit and do nothing. Anyway, the symptoms are worth looking into (if I may put this site up here, if not you can cover it, but it does not sell anything) if worth the read. Who know, maybe it plays a part in this whole mess….Just a thought…

    • Hi JK, sorry I didn’t get back to your comment sooner I had been on IV for awhile and was having problems keeping up with my site. Its funny you mentioned parasites. I’ve been reading more and more about Lyme Disease having a lot to do with parasites due to the co-infections and viruses we contract from the Tick. I just recently got diagnosed with numerous parasites. Lyme has always attacked the gutt from what I understand, I know my lyme doc talks about that all the time, but the parasites could be a reason as well. Thanks for the link! I will take a look.

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